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20th Anniversary of New Land

I still clearly remember what was said at the inauguration ceremony of Xinzhidi company twenty years ago: September 9, 1999 is a unique day, which means that the company will be long-lasting and the foundation will be everlasting...

Suddenly it has been twenty years. During this period, the most repetitive sentence that everyone feels is: How can this year pass so fast? It will be the end of the year. Looking back on the past, I have many feelings.

One, the most memorable, two or three things in the early days

As the saying goes, three years old look old, five years old look old, the company's early experience has a profound impact on the subsequent development context.

At that time, thanks to the spirit of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 15th Central Committee, Guangzhou Xinzhidi Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd. was restructured with the approval of the Guangdong Petrochemical Design Institute on the basis of five or six years of early exploration, allowing employees to participate in shares , And the design institute was only a relatively large shareholder, which was still new at the time.

Inspired by Secretary Peng Xiusuo and Deputy Chief Engineer Zhou Wenhan, the leaders of the design institute took the lead to participate. Some people participated because they were familiar with their business, and some participated in the event because they were daring to try. Finally, there were 31 design institutes and employees. shareholder. Originally planned to raise 1.2 million shares, the actual capital raised was 1.06 million. As a professional counterpart, the staff of the fourth design office did not participate much. It can also be seen from the side that this matter is full of uncertainty.

Although the company has just been transformed, its work is as always, with marketing as its core! Because I have been focusing on the research and development of environmental protection equipment in the past few years, I think I don’t need to engage in marketing. After I was awakened by reality in 1997, I took the initiative to sell at home for the first time. I signed a contract of 500,000 that year and 1 million in 1998. With the expectations of the new shareholders, we fought all the way. Although the contract amount was doubled to more than 2 million, it did not reach the 10 million planned at the beginning of the year. The township enterprises in Yixing, Jiangsu are much larger than ours, so the team Just generally doubt whether our approach is correct. After many times of analysis and discussion, we finally unified our understanding: the company must do valuable things. At the beginning of the establishment of the company, it did a lot of effective exploration in marketing, and at the same time experienced confusion and confusion in the face of difficulties. These lessons have laid a foundation for the subsequent six or seven years of transformation and are also very meaningful. .

2. First experience, ten years of rapid development

After 1998, my country vigorously strengthened the construction of sewage treatment plants. The number of sewage treatment plants increased rapidly from less than 200 to more than 4,000. It is precisely to seize the opportunity of this small air outlet. Since 1999, the company's business has been rapidly improving every year until 2008. , In 2009, it exceeded 100 million. The central drive single-pipe suction dredge has achieved the first place in the country, with a market share of 50%, which allows us to understand what is value-driven.

During this period, in addition to products and marketing, the company paid close attention to management. In the process of business enlargement, the team has been trained, and the corporate culture has gradually formed. A good corporate culture will help the company through the difficult transition period in the future.

Three, must go through, difficult transition period

Since 2012, the construction of sewage treatment plants has slowed down, and the sales of original equipment have declined rapidly. Even if new equipment has filled the gap, the business scale has fluctuated in six or seven years, basically staying in place. .

At the same time, the company spent a lot of manpower on new business (another company), and Xindi has gradually become a platform for young teams to train and grow.

The stagnant business and slow collection of payments led to a shortage of cash flow. Poor business conditions will cause confusion, which will lead to the loss of some personnel. How to adjust the company and where is the direction of development? All the common chaotic characteristics of the transition period are all presented one by one, and the team members have a taste of it.

Fortunately, our general direction is clear. First, we always believe that China's environmental protection industry will enter a new era, and the pursuit of environmental benefits will enable good companies to usher in a better development period. Second, the development of the environmental protection industry after 20 to 30 years will inevitably move towards concentration. This requires a comprehensive upgrade of the team from operation to management. For this reason, the team has been learning to improve and change concepts since 2012, and management must be based on customers. Central management must serve operations.

The corporate culture formed before and the confidence and hope brought by the improvement through learning enabled us to finally pass the extremely difficult transition period and prepare for the next round of development.

Fourth, set off again to meet new challenges

Driven by environmental storms in recent years, the environmental protection industry has ushered in new development opportunities. At the same time, the industry is moving towards concentration, which means that a large number of companies will withdraw from competition and the remaining companies will occupy more market space.

Our company began a group of young people to move to core positions in 18 years. The young team took the new business philosophy learned and formed in the previous years. After 18 years of practice, it has grown rapidly after adapting and adjusting. A series of adjustments have been made in 19 years. The senior management team has divided labor around the core business work, deepened performance management, streamlined job creation, strengthened process construction, and implemented the business philosophy of customer-centric management for business services in actual work, and the joint efforts of young teams The next 2019 performance has achieved gratifying results. Compared with the adjustment period, it has doubled and exceeded 200 million for the first time, thus opening a new growth period.

5. Liu Chengyin, business management is also a practice

In the tortuous process of business operation, it brought the team a rare opportunity to experience and life experience. Several big opportunities have brought us profound changes.

First, since 1997, the emphasis on marketing has been shifted from technical thinking to business thinking. At the same time, after a careful summary, the company's corporate culture was determined to be based on reflection. Second, in 2012, we had the opportunity to observe and understand the development of Lenovo Group from a close range. At the same time, combined with our learning from Huawei, our team's business philosophy has undergone a profound change, and we recognize that customer thinking is the core. The third is to start in 2018, emphasizing the openness of the team in order to absorb the wisdom of the outside world to deal with the uncertainty of operation. For me personally, after 20 years, I have continued to explore with the spirit of not admitting defeat, and I have fully experienced the sense of accomplishment and pleasure brought by exploration. One of my mantras at work is "excitement" and the other is to face When there are endless problems and challenges, the thought that often comes up is: I don’t believe in making things difficult! These gave me a filling experience.

Six, the road is long and endless

The company has entered a new period of development. Having a core team that has worked in the company for more than ten and twenty years is a solid foundation for the company's development.

Along the way, the company has received strong support and help from the government, shareholders, peers, experts, and partners from all walks of life. We are very fortunate to have caught up with the good times and met the nobles. We are thankful.

In each period, the employees of the company are working hard to learn and adjust in the face of different problems. Some of them have already left the company. We are grateful to all employees who have sweated and contributed to the development of the new land.

We believe that there is still a long way to go to the new land, and our team will continue to move forward firmly and feel the joy of exploration together!


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