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Product Introduction

Driven by national policies, the reduction, stabilization, harmlessness and recycling of residual sludge from wastewater treatment plants have become urgent needs. Our company started to research and develop sludge treatment and disposal products since 2010. In 2014, we were recognized as "Guangdong Sludge Treatment Equipment Engineering Technology Research and Development Center" by the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department. After a decade of research, development and practicing, nowadays, we have mastered the whole technical process of sludge treatment which includes pre-concentration, squeezing dehydration, thermal dehydration and composting treatment. We can provide system design, equipment manufacturing, installation, commissioning and operation services for sludge treatment projects. Among them, sludge squeezing deep dewatering technology and lowtemperature drying technology are core technologies. And we have more than 20 national patents in sludge treatment field which including 3 authorized invention patents.

Product Advantages

Product Advantages

Product Advantages

Domestic advanced sludge treatment technology

Flexible Adaption: Treatment formula is suitable for almost all kinds of sludge treatment. The projects’ water content rate is less than 60%. Some of them are even less than 50%.

Flexible Solutions: We have mastered the formula for different treatment solutions including non-lime formula such as sending to landfills, incineration solution, compost solution, etc.

Dynamic Adjustment: A formula model has been established to provide clients with customer made services. Which can be adjusted in accordance with seasonal sludge quality changes to reduce operating costs.

Unique Filter Selection Technology

To provide clients with customer made selections. The mud cake can fall off automatically which is greatly reducing labor intensity and labor costs, and improving operation efficiency.

Development of mobilized intelligent drying unit (MIDU) will provide small scale projects with a fast setting up one-stop service which is no need for civil works.

For customers who require to utilize the sludge for incineration or building materials, a low-temperature sludge drying system has been developed. The water content rate can be as low as 10% to 40%, which greatly reduces the amount of sludge transportation and operation costs.

Intelligent and efficient operation

Partner with experts from universities such as South China University of Technology, we have developed a unique intelligent control technology which can reduce the overall energy consumption of the system, personnel on duty and operation costs.


Till August 2020, a total of 34 sludge treatment and disposal projects have been implemented which covered 13 provinces and 26 cities. Total sludge treatment capacity exceeding 2000t/d (80% water content)


Jining Sludge Deep Dewatering and Drying Project

Jining Sludge Deep Dewatering and Drying Project

This project is one of the first batch of domestic sludge treatment projects after government issued new sludge treatment and disposal standards in 2010. The designed treatment scale is 200 tons/day (calculated as wet sludge with 80% water content). Our company provided operating system and equipment. Also, undertaking operation and management of the project. The project adopts ‘sludge squeezing and drying’ technology and the water content after processing is below 60%, which meets the sludge disposal requirements such as incineration and landfill. Achieving multi-channel sludge disposal. In 2011, the project was selected by China Water Web and China Solid Waste Web as a ‘Special Concentrated Case of Sludge Treatment and Disposal’.

Foshan Nanzhuang Sludge Treatment EPC Project

Foshan Nanzhuang Sludge Treatment EPC Project
Foshan Nanzhuang Sludge EPC Project Dewatering Workshop

Foshan Nanzhuang Sludge Treatment Plant (EPC) project is a World Bank loan funding project which adopted a decentralized treatment model. The project based on Zhenan, Shagang, Chengbei, Nanzhuang wastewater treatment plants, through reconstruction, to build a deep sludge dewatering facility with a total treatment load of 220 tons/day (calculated as a water content of 80%). The contract was signed in January 2013. The contractor of this project is responsible for design, civil works, equipment manufacturing and supply, installation and commissioning of the sludge deep dewatering system. This project has been inspected and accepted by experts from the World Bank and won unanimous praise. It has been operating for more than 6 years. The system is stable and the water content of the sludge is stable below 60%.

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